This Prankster Was Dressed as Elsa and Ended Up Saving a Police Officer From a Snowstorm

by Alexandra

Has the cold ever bothered you? Living in the Midwest, I deal with the cold weather on a daily basis this time of year and I KNOW it bothers me every single day of my life. On the flip side, take Elsa from the Disney movie of epic success, Frozen, has never once been bothered by the cold. Duh.

Well, this isn't only the case in the movie but also the case in Boston, where a real-life Elsa rescued a police officer from a serious winter storm. 37-year-old Jason Triplett took the snowstorm as a sign that he should recreate Elsa's signature look and have some fun out in the wintery mix.

Triplet Thought Dressing Like Elsa Would Be a Hit

And boy, was he right?

Triplet Thought Dressing Like Elsa Would Be a Hit

He Jokingly Denied That He Was The Infamous Snow Princess

But he has no one fooled

The night was nothing more than an entertaining one until Triplet came across a police vehicle that happened to get stuck in the snow. The Disney princess herself was able to push the car out of the snow and allow the police officer to get on his way. Furthermore proving that Disney princesses are the coolest people around. 

Luckily For Us, Someone Got The Entire Thing on Video

And it was just as awesome as it sounds like it would be!

Elsa Coming in Clutch Like

Get it girl!

Elsa Coming in Clutch Like
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It's should serve as no surprise that Twitter was 100% supportive of how awesome this was. 

Completely Graceful and Kick Butt

Just like a Disney Princess

Perhaps We Should Change the Infamous Lyrics

This seems a little more fitting, don't ya think?

Not With Awesome People Like This Around

Not a chance!

She Sure Did!

Get Disney on the Line, We've Got a New Movie Idea For You


Of course, what would a viral sensation be without the internet criticizing something about it?!

Okay But Then We Wouldn't Have This Awesome Video

So I think we will just count this as a win for everyone involved

It Says That They Knew Elsa Had The Situation Under Complete Control

Let it go, let it go

Triplett found the situation to be completely hysterical and loved that people were entertained by the whole event, however, he refused offers to go to various talk shows to discuss what happened. Buzzfeed news reported that “Triplett said he never expected to go this viral and said he wouldn’t go on The Ellen DeGeneres Show unless Adam Rippon was there.”