People Are Being Barred From Entering Australia if They Have a Domestic Violence Record

by Jack

Domestic violence is a huge issue around the world, and in Australia it is no different. With on average one woman dying a week at the hands of their partner, clearly something needs to be done.

One initiative the Australian government has decided to take is in banning anyone with a record of domestic violence from entering the country.

A huge move from the Aussies, and one that has been welcomed with praise from around the world. Australia has made waves in recent years by taking a stand against domestic violence in regards to visas with the barring of both singer Chris Brown and boxer Floyd Mayweather based on their history of violence.

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The law came into effect on the 28th of February 2019, and means that anyone with a recorded history of violence against women or children will be barred from entering the country, as well as anyone currently in Australia on a visa will be removed from the country.

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Australia’s Immigration Minster, David Coleman, said

“If you’ve been convicted of a violent crime against women or children, you are not welcome in this country.”

He went on to say

These crimes inflict long lasting trauma on the victims and their friends and family, and foreign criminals who commit them are not welcome in our country.”